In the hot summer, the cool shorts show is invincible

This small and beautiful piece of shorts will not be missed in the summer, and the high-waist and wide-leg version will be increased in proportion. The practical and fashionable are the most popular, and the basic models are matched with the color. Both of them have a high degree of wear and a low degree of difficulty, and a wave of street shots first pays attention to the eye, and then choose good things:

Dirty washing, deconstructing raw edges, etc. are common keywords for cowboys to follow the trend of the trend. This high-waist wide-leg shorts, front buckle instead of zipper is also a practical touch, and the edges of the pants and the midline are used casually. The edges are sharp and the outline is very recognizable.

High waist and waist tie combined with knotted straps, enhance the waistline highlights the fine waist and concave shape. The small details of the button placket and the small pockets on the sides of the large pockets avoid the same, fully practical and interesting taste upgrade, suitable for all roads. fairy.

The irregular hole of the trousers and the hem of the hem have a strong sense of overall temperament, and are casual and casual. There is also a slight short front and long design to prevent the glare. The comfortable mid-waist design is moderately loose and the basic wear is friendly to all kinds of body.

The high-waisted paper bag pants are designed with ingenious thoughts, and the waist and abdomen cover the skin is so satisfying that it is hot, and the three-dimensional folds at the waist are like the flower buds that are waiting to be put on, with a belt knot and a gift waiting to be opened. Let the shape get rid of the dull age and romance, the cool Tiansi loose version is comfortable to wear and people can’t bear to release.

Irregular pleated high waist, stomata knotted belt to pleated wide trousers, every detail is written with intimate and practical personality, texture earth color makes it look low-key, intimate and tolerant, can wear a pleated skirt like thin Invincible and playful vitality, you can rest assured that you can show your legs.

The high waist of the flower, the waist belt and the contrasting bright line, the feminine romance and the tough tooling complement each other, the texture of the caramel color easily wears out the gas field and the grace, showing different temperament, black and white gray, the same color, retro contrast can be with it It’s not wrong to take the waistline and choose the color that matches the skin color.

Neutral gray paper bag pants have the intellectual skills of suit pants, but also a bit of asymmetrical high waist personality, so the matching can also be formal and casual, and with a suit of the same style to highlight the elegant and calm, or with feminine Tie a sleek and playful sweet route.

The denim fabric is not only blue, but also the colorless ones are also very popular. Among them, the black is the most versatile and thin. The front line of the trousers is broken and completely broken to help the visual vertical extension. The back edging patch pocket is three-dimensional and chic, making the hips look quite straight and stand out. Personality, loose curled hem, relaxed and elegant concave shape.

In the hot summer, the eyes also need to eat ice cream. The white is the most refreshing appetizer. It can play an excellent role in any color. The dull single item has a brighter shape and a brighter and more versatile top. Do not avoid digesting well, high waist A word wide leg plus hairy hole and wear is not low, is the trick of the incarnation of the girl.

I have to sigh that the white hot pants of various styles are very fresh and fresh. This design point is also quite a lot. The waist is added with asymmetrical stitching. The practicality of the eye-catching belt is also very high. The zipper is also a fashionable and cool. New skills.

Classic versatile black and white hot pants, small details can make the style change, or increase the slimming high waist and wide leg version, the waist straps elf playful eye is very eye-catching, the hem of the hem is full of youthful vitality, with a letter T Shirt, full of vitality and retro feelings.

The red hot pants with colorful embroidered holes are full of drama, with a dazzling index of five stars. In contrast, the raw edges of the burrs are transformed into a supporting role. The small circles of the colorful circles are decorated with romantic and beautiful, and the T-shirt shorts can be picked up. The physique balances it with a low-key piece, making it the only bright spot to save the ordinary look.