How to wear a pair of shorts with a jacket look good summer fashion wear Raiders

How do strappy shorts look good with tops? Bib shorts are a lot of little girls who like them very much in summer. The ageing of strappy shorts is really strong. It’s the look of older children, usually when wearing strappy shorts. Maybe take a lot of T-shirts, let’s take a look at the strappy shorts.


Strap shorts with solid T-shirt

Simple and clean solid color T-shirts are believed to be less in everyone’s wardrobe. We can use it when wearing strappy shorts. Whether it is black or white, it is very versatile, especially when paired with denim shorts. Good-looking, the refreshing display of summer clothes is in place.

Bib shorts with short-sleeved shirt

The combination of strappy shorts and short-sleeved shirts is quite special. These two items are really difficult to link together. I didn’t expect the effect to be good, and the color of the shirts just echoed the straps on the shorts, so it’s not too It’s a violation, and the strappy shorts make the shirts that are boring and boring lively.


Strap shorts with striped t-shirt

Finally, the combination of strappy shorts and striped T-shirts, this is a set of very strong color wear, the body is full of candy color, it is very energetic, and this bright color is also very good, creating a The feeling of a playful and playful little girl is very cute.

Bib shorts with dark blue denim shirt

Denim shorts are a casual style with a dark blue denim shirt. This combination is very novel. The girl who likes denim can try this style.


Jumper shorts with orange and white striped T-shirt

The striped T-shirt is very age-reducing, and it is full of vitality. The orange-and-white striped T-shirt is a very special color. It is very literary with a pair of white strappy shorts.

Bib shorts with blue t-shirt

We wear a lot of T-shirts in the summer, the solid color, the dark color is very thin, the blue T-shirt with denim shorts, and the sense of stability in the casual.

Strap shorts with polka dot mesh bottoming shirt

There are many ways to wear mesh gauze shirts, which can be worn with T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, etc., and the wearing of denim shorts is unique, casual and sexy.


Jumper shorts with blue floral short sleeve shirt

Floral dresses always give us a good impression. The blue floral short-sleeved shirt is a relatively small and fresh style, with a denim shorts, which adds a sweet touch.

Bib shorts with white chiffon shirt

The white chiffon shirt is a very foreign-style dress. It is especially beautiful with pants and skirts. It is a fashionable little fairy with a light blue denim shorts.

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