Have such a leg-length shorts. The height is not long enough to make up!

Summer little fairies like to choose shorts, which not only reduces the sultry and refreshing, but also beautiful, choose the shorts that suits you. If you are not tall enough, you can stretch the proportions, and the legs are long to make you tall and beautiful!

First, solid color high waist simple shorts

leg-length shorts

The simple and versatile style is a must-have for the wardrobe. The high-waist A-line version fits on the buttocks. It is small and wide, and it is decorated to the lines of the buttocks. It brings a slimming effect to the top. It is very beautiful, loose and comfortable. The curves of the high and slim figure are more beautiful, beautiful and versatile! The comfortable walking style does not need to worry about the problem of leaving the light. What is even better is that you can lengthen the long legs of the little fairies.

Second, fashion high waist denim shorts

leg-length shorts

Stylish high-waist denim shorts that fit the waist curve for a stylish look. The hem of the hem can be curled up to make your legs look slimmer. It can be said that it is a must-have item for cool girls. Good version of good fabric, durable and resistant to spinning.

Third, straight BF wind high waist shorts

leg-length shorts

Finally, you can wear a five-point overalls, a loose version with a large flip-top pocket. The processing of the curling edge reflects the clean and tidy design of the versatile and durable. 100% cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, breathable, and can not be washed after washing. The hands are not cold in the pocket, and the hands are cold and cold.

Four, black and white wide-leg shorts

leg-length shorts

A design style of shorts, the lattice is good to wear, probably no one can resist the length of the temptation five pants can create different LOOK, the uniform color of the lattice distribution of the British full of high waist version, to create long leg visual effects, fabric comfort More versatile.

Five, high waist wide leg sports wind shorts

leg-length shorts

It’s so cool to wear this material in summer! The fabric is wrinkled, the fabric is very soft, there is a little gloss in the sun, the skin feels cool and smooth, and it looks like a layer of skin that grows out. Unfettered, comfortable to the heart of the pants! High-waist wide-legged version is very high and thin.

Six, high waist flower shorts

leg-length shorts

The fabric is a slightly elastic suiting fabric. It is not easy to get rid of the ball, the wiring is very neat, and it is easy to put on and take off. The high-waist design gives a more fashionable feel, and the waist design on the side of the flower bed adds a sense of three-dimensionality and a sense of wideness to the whole piece of clothing.

Seven, striped wide-leg shorts

leg-length shorts

The color of the vertical stripes is perfect for high-waist shorts. It can stretch the legs a few centimeters in the visual effect. The childish fabric is tight, soft to the touch and more breathable and comfortable. The front of the trousers is decorated with a fake belt, which is more fashionable and versatile.

High-waist shorts are a must-have item for the summer. The upper body is refreshing and neat, highlighting the graceful figure. It is an absolute tool for dressing up. If you want to change your goddess and have long legs, choose high-waist shorts.